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A puzzle horror game with a gameboy aesthetic.

Release date Mar 30, 2019
AuthorTrashy Rascal Studios
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Creepy, Game Boy, garfield, Horror, lasagna, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Lasagna Boy (full game) 40 MB
Lasagna Boy (full game) 27 MB

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should i allow the hard drive or is it a virus,malware,trojan i don't want my info stolen trashy rascal studios

There shouldn't be any viruses malware or trojans... at least I didn't put any in there. It was built in gamemaker studio 2, if that helps.

ok thanks

ta para sair ??? 

Is it made in GB Studio? I need to know, Jon.

No, it was made in gamemaker studio 2

Thank you, Jon

No problem ;)

Thank you for responding, Jon


J O N ,  I  R E Q U I R E  L A S A G N A 


Bullets don't work jon

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I wasn't sure what to expect when I installed this demo but I was pleasantly surprised so I included it as a bonus game on my list! Cool art style, love the creature design, simple execution with nice little details like using the arrows to open drawers. I enjoyed figuring out what to do on my own and beating it. Great job!

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Im making GB Studio Tutorials if you decide to release it as a rom too. 

I would, but this game was created in gamemaker studio 2.


this was really fun to play! Good job!


fun all around almost finished the first area befor i died with no sound witch was hard but its worth the install the first part is easy to complete


Is so amazing the history behind this wonderfull game, its really amazing

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Te quedaste atascado en alguna parte?? aqui un tutorial de como terminarte el juego completo



Muy buen juego...

A question. What's the difference between the 27 MB version and the 40 MB version? They are both marked as Windows, and the same is true for the two alpha versions of the same sizes.

They are pretty much the same, one has the files compressed into a zip file and the other is a stand alone exe file.


Hi i'm back and i just found out that the full game is now out so i decided to revisit it and looking forward to beating (very excited!) this so i hope you enjoy the videos i make!


Hello here is part 2 i hope you enjoy! 

Here you go part 3 is now up i hope you enjoy!

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lol!!! love this game!!! this is my playthrough. I am still hooked and playing it.


Hello all,
Here's another new series called Lasagna boy. We have several new videos in the works including: more let's plays, an animation, and a mockup for a game. So stay tuned, and don't forget to like, subscribe, comment, and share.


I'm starting to get a consistent schedule for rendering and posting down so hopefully, video production will go up within the next few weeks. I'm still working on a big animation for the channel in pixel art of course, so that pretty much eats up the remainder of my free time, but let me tell ya, it will be worth it. So as always, stay tuned, and don't forget to like, subscribe,comment, and share.

Warning headphone users Hello all,
Here's part 3 of our Lasagna Boy series, which unfortunately, is coming to an end soon :'( . Don't fret however, we have much more in store. So stay tuned and as always, like, subscribe, comment, and share please.

Hello all,
Although this is the end of the Lasagna boy LP, we'd love to know what games you'd like us to play, so let us know in the comments. Also, the animation is still in the works, but it might not see a release until August at the latest (Hopefully), but I am so excited to be able to drop it, and hopefully, everyone will love it as much as I already do. So as always, don't forget to like, subscribe, comment, and share.



I cant get passed the tnt part i found dinamite but it wont let me do anything at all. Can someone help me?

Place the tnt on the carpets and below the piano on the three floors



Greetings from Germany ^^ <3


Awhhhhh this was awesome, would absolutly love to play more. Heart was racing the whole time. Was a little confused at the start of what to do but i kinda liked having to figure it out myself. It added more stress and thought which made it better. Good job!


This is going to be a stupid question, but how do I use the elevator? When I go to the floor selection screen, it won't let me go to the other floors. I also made sure that I was playing the full game and not the demo.

Press up while next to the elevator panel in the elevator.  That will open the elevator menu where up and down will select the floor, right will take you to that floor, and left will exit the elevator menu.

Thank you!


Amazing proof of concept! Great gameplay elements, this really has potential.

What this really is missing is the creepy atmosphere, the music, it just feels a bit cheery with the monster designs, the speed and the sound effects. It doesn’t really feel like a horror game. But with some adjustments you can really make it feel scary.


Very cool  game! Now make a physical edition :)

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this game looks awesome but when i open it there's no sound whatsoever. do i need to run it some specific way? my computer recommended putting it in compatibility mode for windows 8 so that's what i did, but my computer runs windows 10

I would say run it with windows 10, I'm not sure what else you could do to fix that. Check the options maybe and make sure the volume isn't turned down there, otherwise maybe there was something wrong with the download, so maybe try redownloading.

hmm, i tried both of those. i might just have to watch a playthrough to hear the sound. at least i can still play it fine, and the game visually looks amazing!

i know it's been a while but i fixed the sound! it was an issue with something in my computer, had nothing to do with your game. just wanted to let you know!

Good to know, hope you enjoy :)


I had a lot of fun with this game! Thank you so much for making it, I can't wait to play the rest!!

hey I know you think it's inspired by Garfield from lompy touch but not the lasagna boy game you control another person the garfield is another and the end is another

I'm gonna assume this is based on Lumpy Touch's Garfield Gameboy'd series, and therefore I'm gonna assume I'll enjoy it.


new episode

Garfield Gameboy'd COMPLETE Lumpy Touch

this game go update more (more things new areas, moster) or the full game version is the end 


very epic


I agree


Ey abra para Android

Si o no


THIS IS A VERY NICE GAME! :D reminds me directly of my childhood xD


Why $3 dollars for this game? why not the entire full game for free?


finally a man of reason

What happened to Garfield?


BIATCH LASAGNA! | Lasagna Boy Full Gameplay Walkthrough


This is really cool!  I enjoyed trying out this horror game!  


Played the updated DEMO for my viewers, they really liked the first video. Please keep this up, this is one of the better horror games out there right now. 


There was a update? what did it contain?

the update for the demo had some updated graphics on a few of the floors and some minor bug fixes, like the moon walk glitch.

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